Tragedy Looper from ZMan, last of the Halloween games review

One last horror game for this season: a run-through of Tragedy Looper.

Mid Game
Mid Game

A fairly unique puzzle/deduction game that pits the 3 players against a single GM-like “mastermind”. The mastermind needs to bring about a calamitous event of some sort, the nature of which is written down in that particular scenario. The players need figure out what the roles of all the NPCs are in this scenario then prevent the disaster from occurring.

There’s two hooks to

Arkham Horror vs Eldritch Horror, comparison

Over at Aurelia’s and Mike’s we did a playthrough of Eldritch Horror, just to be able to finally compare it to our Arkham Horror.

Eldritch Horror, almost all of the setup
Eldritch Horror, almost all of the setup visible

Short version before getting into details: Eldritch definitely better in every way, but not enough to buy if you have Arkham already.

The keyword for the changes would be “streamlined”. There’s much less stuff you need to keep track of at any one time, and the game has a convenient symbol that reminds you what to keep track of when time calls for it.

Arkham Horror, Lurker at the Threshold review

Steve’s for Arkham Horror. Not much to say other than no matter how many playthroughs I do of it, keeping track of the rules never seems to get any easier.

2015-07-03 16.32.24
Arkham Horror, Lurker at the Threshold expansion

Visible in screenshot, some of Steve’s extras like the blessing dice, tentacle gate holders, and fancy elder signs for seals.

I grabbed the phone app with the hopes that it would help us keep track of monster limits and gates, but no such luck: all it does is show you a picture of the game map, sorta keep track of inventory and encounter