Projects and Discography


Requiem 32 (work, 2015)

Requiem 32 is a series of virus genotypes, starting with a simple repeated ‘c’ which then in 31 iterations becomes the HIV genotype. Each of these iterations is then analyzed using a process based on biological DNA parsing which change the music created into a different piece, slowly more and more different from the original, until the original state is completely unrecognizable. I hope the piece gives helps create emotional understanding of the idea of a virus and how something that is so simple can have such an incredible impact, hopefully bridging the very real mental chasm between the biology of infection and it’s effect on the infected.

In Seas (performance)

In “In Seas” an unprepared audience was given color coded flutophones, and asked to follow one of multiple finger-placement charts in real time to an electronic background.

Little Kid Stories (work, 2006)

Little Kid Stories is a collaboration with Tanya Bjork where a short book of children’s stories was created, then readers were recorded reading them for the first time as if to a child, and the results were set first to music, and later to a video showing the book page by page.

Little Kid Stories Live (performance, 2014)

In the live performance of the above volunteers were asked to read the text to the stories, as it appeared live to them, so as to line up to the music. The volunteers were asked to volunteer from the audience after the piece had already begun. None had pre-awareness that they would perform that day.

Niji (installation, first in 2012)

The Niji installation is a controller set up to DJ speakers which allows passers-by to program it by selecting combinations of loops, all set up to work together, in order to create music in real time. Without any interaction the piece is silent, and there is no way to practice without others hearing what you do in real time.

Discography With Shaolin

Everything Disease
The End of the World
Shit We Play Live

Discography With Preteen

In Goat We Thrust
Sherman’s Second March
Scared New World
We Can’t Win, They Have Become Too Powerful

available for free on bandcamp