the hamsters just got their official Iain Banks Spaceship Names. the full names of all the critters in the house are:


General Feline Unit I Wish We Could Weaponize Your Whining



General Feline Unit Helper-Killer



Fast Hamster Vehicle Bordering On Fratricide



Fast Hamster Vehicle Miles To Go Before I Sleep



in memory of the now sublimated Light Glider Unit Small But Stinky


quietus ran another article about polish underground music:

polygon had one earlier on indie games in poland. i dunno. i suppose on one hand everyone is happy with exposure, on the other hand it’s only occurring cause to some degree poland is still the first “other” as far as the west is concerned. we’re still white and “so much like us”, but behind the iron curtain and a grey mystery to some degree. plus it’s hard not to romanticize the struggle against PZPR, despite the fact we’re rapidly approaching 2 generations away from it. i guarantee that the kids running these labels have never lived under communism and probably never seen a food line, but we still think of them as being directly involved in that.

either case, feel free to check out the music in the link. most is good if you’re into that electronic underground thing, and a lot of it is either free or $1 per album.


if you don’t know where to start, grab the JASIE? sampler: . it’s 4 short tracks so it goes down easy.