/r/poland and /r/polska

So there’s two polish subreddits. /r/poland is for english speakers while /r/polska for polish speakers. Now, based on the fact that Poland is more conservative on average than the US, you might assume that /r/polska would be on average more conservative than /r/poland, and you’d be exactly wrong.

Two parts to this phenomenon. First part is that /r/poland is used for 3 things, the first two being pretty tame and generic:
1 – “My great grandfather may have been Polish, can I get a Polish citizenship?”
2 – “I found an old photo of my Polish ancestors. What’s the number on the back mean in Polish?”

The answers are invariably: “no” and “that’s the year”, respectively. But the third thing it’s used for though is a steady stream of people from US/Europe who hate progressivism and see Poland in the news as this bastion of various phobias, and want to bond with that. And that swings all political discussion right of even average US reddit.

/r/polska on the other hand yes appeals to Polish internet users, but keep in mind that reddit isn’t that popular of a site in Poland. The actual average Polish internetter will use wykop.pl or w/e, and the people on reddit tend to be ones who work in tech and use it to network. And go figure, with greater access to the rest of the world you tend to go left of the average person in Poland.

That’s how you get subtle alt-right recruitment memes like this https://i.imgur.com/bMVyaNQ.png in /r/poland, which well, first of all lol at “bolchevism”, but also which probably overplays Poland’s role in global history a hair. The Soviet Union was not exactly in a state to conquer all of Europe in the 1920s when they lost the Russo-Polish war, and also the Ottomans werejust another player in the European power games and one who was being dragged down by overextension and massive internal corruption at the time, not exactly in a place to conquer Europe had they won at Vienna.

Or memes like this https://imgur.com/8Zq97Jk in /r/polska, which to translate real quick
1 – People dehumanizing each other has tragic consequences
2 – When people / GERMANS GERMANS
which only really makes sense in context of mocking current right wing politics in Poland.

It’s genuinely fascinating to see these little cultures develop as people attract likeminded people to a group and the others leave, cause even like 5 years ago the Polish reddit was much more mixed politically but has now seen most the conservatives leave, and I think we’ll see something similar (except politically opposite) in /r/poland. Though not without that endless stream of “I want to travel to Poland. Do you guys use money?” questions.

Also, it’s crazy to me how sincere the right wing memes tend to be. It’s 2019, how can anyone really buy into exceptionalism?