BuzzFeed-style board game meme list

Made a stack of buzzfeedy board game memes.


When you’re sneaking up on a science victory in 7 Wonders and no one noticed


When they try to connect their big meeple to your farm in Carcassonne


When you roll 3s even after going to two dice in Machi Koro


When every single one of your units is webbed in Neuroshima Hex


When in Tragedy Looper you enter last loop and don’t even have a theory


When someone publishes a paper in Alchemists and you know it’s wrong


When you start 1830 and first action they buy SV


When you solve TIME Stories on first playthrough


When in Game of Thrones you play Lannisters and the Greyjoys attack both you and the Starks turn 1


When he goes for the Scholar’s Mate against you


When you get a third Monster Surge in a row in Arkham Horror


When you’re trying to explain Mottainai


When in Takenoko their quest are the same as yours but worth more points


When you’re one point short of winning a seven hour TI3 game and the guy with 3 points suddenly has decision paralysis


When you banish someone out of Dead Of Winter and next turn the supply is sabotaged again


When literally anything happens in Robinson Crusoe


When they first turn gambit into a MegaHauler in Star Realms


When no one crashed the market for your goods in Planet Steam


When in in an 18XX the bank runs out of 5Ts before you can buy one


When you’re given a 0-clue in Codenames for the first time


When you’re not the Fake Artist but you don’t know what the object you’re drawing looks like


When in Sheriff of Nottingham they’re about to open the saddlebags before you have a chance to try to bribe them


When you take down a wyrm with two clones in Nexus Ops


When they successfully coup a 4-stability country in Twilight Struggle


When someone uses a Guard to guess you have the Princess on first turn in Love Letter


When everyone but you forgot to keep a pudding in Sushi Go


When someone offers to trade their wool near end of game in Catan


When you get at least half of these