hook and line neutrality

was working on mixes and watching angelica play ME2, and reading about net neutrality in the background. after about 2 hours of reading, i am of the conclusion that anyone who says they understand net neutrality is either (A) lying, or (B) lying to make money off of it one way or the other

i’d comment on it more, but frankly i’m not qualified to. instead, here’s some thoughts about Mass Effect 2:
1, the game, being a sequel, doesn’t do the “you lose all your items and powers, start over” crap. instead you start a world famous hero who saved the world, and have access to vast resources and near top of the line weaponry and armor. ditto your team. who also are heroes who saved the world and have achieved their own positions of power and greatness.

2, at no point does the game plot fall into the rut of “you need to find the 7 parts of the seal that ancient warriors used to block out the demon” type crap. even the most mundane side quests (aka, the loyalty missions) have better individual plots than most sci-fi books i read. it actually feels like watching hour long episodes of a good sci-fi tv series: each has it’s own complete plot

and yeah, the shooty parts can feel more like an on-rails headshot emulator than an FPS, but eh, it’s not supposed to be a shooter

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