“nobody cares what you did at burningman”

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road in

double rainbows outside Empire


random firespinner in a fetish getup

ein hammer, waiting for workers and probably screaming in ‘german’

ein hammer, this is what happened when the workers synchronized perfectly

the cornhole, our nearest pub

Nexus soundcamp, their playground at left edge

underneath nexus’ playground

random silk ribbon performer on a more residential street

here at home (department of zombie control) our sound system were mannequins with speakers built into them

some guy setting up the yellow gorilla light ceiling

thunderdome, now in it’s 12th year

thunderdome, opening ceremony: operatic aria part in front of the DPW crustpunks

thunderdome, before a match

thunderdome, during a fight

a random walking artcar

minigolf. it’s like one giant sandtrap

random interactive sculpture, in front of 6 o’clock ring

antfarm. this was actually a 3d maze with dead ends and whatnot

fireflowers, pic 1

fireflowers, pic 2

fireflowers, pic 3

just a statue, i thought it looked pretty. i figure the two snakes represent lower and upper nile kingdoms

mal mart was huge this year, and got placed on the esplanade.

we partied on mr cow, then he dropped us off at like 2 and j. beware of tricksy cows.

this thing was totally movable and shot fire

the tesla coil for megavolts lightning show, random rope dancer in back

firesphere, over by 10 and esplanade. fires moved like waves around it

random sculpture i liked, the shadows would dance unpredictably as it spun

the temple this year. to contrast against the city, it was designed to look like a natural formation where tribes might have met before villages existed. the inside of the dunes had a fake cave network of sorts, with wooden stalagmites and whatnot. for the non-burners, that’s not graffiti on it. people write things they went to let go of, or things important to them, on the temple each year. all of it burns on sunday.

open playa, from temple

me at a saloon camp

pedobear gave out a lot of ice cream

the man, from 7 o’clock-ish

i just liked this car’s style

a pre-saturday show for the main conclave dancers

more of their set

the gentleman cock (he has a tophat you see)

the gentleman cock has an awesome license plate. it’s black california to boot

a random piano on a street, with random person playing

BRAT. clever.

gumby frying bacon

ask me about this in person

those are all woofers. 8 glorious, glorious woofers

thunderdome in a whiteout. 2 vague shapes enter, 1 vague shape leaves

i love whiteouts

seriously, i do

tetris camp

root society’s “dj booth”. the little shapes in the middle of the wall are the djs. you can’t tell, but the inside of the wall is filled with dancers whose outlines you can sorta see

root society during Crystal Method’s show/set

firesphere, nexus, and bat country at night

i have no idea what this artcar is, but the owner had throbbing gristle playing so i partied with him the night before

fire conclave, looking left

fire conclave, jumprope

fire conclave, a hammer team

fire conclave, if you look closely you can see foxy’s firewings in the middle. the san diego team has finished the dragon set piece and now he’s just running amuck

fire conclave, wrecking ball slamming into a little cloth house

video of a chunk of the fireworks that came before the man burned. btw, there’s a bit of an illusion happening here: the wind is blowing strongly towards us so the fireworks are not exploding over the man, but almost directly overhead

i was going to post something from the actual man burning, but i decided not to because, you know, maybe you should have been here

insincerely yours

– –

burning man 2010 by the numbers:
for me this was number:

sinus infections I had:

days that one lasted:

number of times this stopped me from going out:

pounds of bacon that KAR brought down:
75 (this is not a typo)

pounds of bacon that got fried and handed out:

number of days this took:

“mystery poops” that got dropped in our evaporation pond:

number of injuries I saw at thunderdome:

percentage of those those that required hospitalization:

years I listened to the melvin’s “going blind” until i realized it was a KISS cover on thursday:

number of times jon dressed up like a cat and charged through Animal Control Camp while screaming:

on a scale of 1 to 10 how clever I thought I was for lacing my boots with EL wire before Thursday night:

on a scale of 1 to 10 how clever I thought I was when it came to unlacing them 6 hours later:

number of conversations I had with strangers that started when someone recognized a soulmate using a nude self-portrait, about whether the concept of duality between mind and brain could lead one to draw incorrect conclusions regarding guided group archetype evolution:

invites into cult-like astral projection rituals this earned me:
1 (and hell yes am I doing it)

locked bikes with non-functional gears and cut brakes that I had stolen from me:

total amount of miles i drove on my 3rd and 4th ever time behind the wheel, on my shiny new learner’s permit:

– –

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