horrible DnD items

horrible DND items:

Scroll of Mordenkainen’s Faithful Cat, summons a spectral cat that will ignore the caster for the duration of the spell

Wand of Magic Missive: this wand lets the user send a postcard or small envelope (max 4 ounces) to up to 1d4 targets.

Black Pudding Pop: a frozen sphere with attached stick that upon defrosting becomes a deadly flesh eating jelly.

Duck of Many Things: eating an egg laid by this duck induces a random status effect.

Staff of the Arch Magi: this staff bestows the owner with great powers related to the construction and modification of arches

Pocket Golem: this pocket is actually an animated construct that lives attached to an item of clothing

Guisarme: no one knows what exactly this is. but it’s sorta like a halberd i guess

Goat of Elvenkind: this rather obstinate and surly goat is however very kind to elves


Dragon Scales: these ordinary looking scales will tell you the weight of any dragon that stands on them

Chain Mail Armor: this armor must be given to someone else within a week or terrible things will happen to the owner

Ring of Animal Magnetism: this ring causes animals to be flung at great speed at the wearer

Longsword +1: a longsword that might show up with a guest

Potion of Feather Fall: this potion causes all birds to lose their plummage

Hat of Disguise: this hat looks like a different hat