Hooray For Master review

Erin brought over Three Cheers For Master. A nice simple card mini where you sort of build these pillars of cards, then hope they don’t attack each other, and that your opponents don’t play cards that will attack you.

"Hooray For Master", the 3 sad cars on the left? All that's left of my tower
“Three Cheers For Master”, the 3 sad cars on the left? All that’s left of my tower

At the end you’re scored for how many cards survived on your side, with a weird bonus based on how high up your foreman monster gets.

The game is by Atlas Games, makers of Gloom, and there’s definitely a Gloom flavor to the text. It’s sorta a simpler, less violent version of Neuroshima Hex (as the game is mainly about arranging directional monster attacks).

I invite everyone to try and score lower than my 4 points.

GenCon Library: Spyrium review

Another pleasant time passer: a worker placement mini called Spyrium that I totally missed hearing about when it came out. Thank you to Andarel for introducing me to it and playing the game through with me.


Really similar conceptually to Sail To India in the sense of being a mini game with cards as board that uses workers in a clever way, and a constant rushed feeling of always being on the edge of running out of time.

GenCon: Portal draft review

Cryptozoic was previewing a draft of their Portal board game.

It’s not a lot like the video game (on purpose) and a bit more like a competitive version of the little informative cartoons that came with the game.

Portal board game, from Cryptozoic
Portal board game, from Cryptozoic
The entire game board is constantly moving towards the right as pieces fall into the incinerator, so the players are constantly trying to move left while keeping their cake alive.

The gameplay wasn’t super deep yet, and in particular the GlaDOS contribution was minimal at the moment (purely decorative), but at the same time I can 100% guarantee I will buy it since, well, Portal.

Good lunchtime-at-work game as well, seems to run ~30 mins assuming people play aggressively.