Dead Man’s Draw review

Playing the Kickstarter game Dead Man’s Draw that Joe got for us as a present (thank you again). It’s a good lightweight push your luck card thing

Dead Man's Draw, with KS playmat
Dead Man’s Draw, with KS playmat

Reveal cards and play their powers, keep revealing as long as you want, if you get doubles of a suit you lose the cards.

Strict time limit too, since when the deck runs out the game is over. It’s a “we’re tired, but feel like doing something” game for us.

Evolution review

So way back when I won a minor contest and the prize was all the Evolution bonuses from the kickstarter. I ended up backing the remake+flight expansion so that I’d be able to actually use them.

Clever ruse, Evolution people.

Picked up our copy at GenCon and brought it to table.

Evolution+Flight, pictured are the kickstarter coasters I won

It ended up being a really good mid-complexity game. Lots of hand building, lots of engine stuff.

As a bonus, Angelica being an ecologist, she liked the theme. It reminded me of SimEarth so I was a fan too.

My kickass predator
My kickass predator

Above is the predator that carried me through the game, up until everyone else realized it was probably a dang good idea to kill him off. Erin has a wicked engine at the end too, with multiple Coöperations and Foragings to just devastate the plant food supply each turn.

Very good game, highly recommended.