Twilight Imperium

Yet another one-image-per-turn Twilight Imperium post. 6 person game, this time using the exploration tokens. Clocked in at 9 hours before a last second push by the L1z1x managed to just barely get past the Nekrovirus and take the win.

We replaced Logistics with Production which turned out to be a very bad idea the lack of access to more command counters combined with the Virus’ ability to use the Technology Strategy to get command counters gave Nekrovirus a huge early lead. L1z1x managed to overcome them by being the first to get to tech that grants command counters, as well as some massive exploration luck (in particular, getting some Lazax survivors and the accompanying one point.

I played the Ghosts which ended up being a sub-par race in a map that ended up having a single wormhole.

Changes for next time: early start, less total turns, and seeing if we can reign this thing in to 6 hours. Maybe leaders. And definitely put Logistics IV strategy card back in, I don’t even know what I was thinking.

Turn 1

2015-09-05 14.25.09

2015-09-05 15.28.29


2015-09-05 16.15.08


2015-09-05 17.15.26

2015-09-05 19.19.30

2015-09-05 19.44.27

2015-09-05 20.27.05

2015-09-05 21.22.35


Twilight Imperium

After quite a few misadventures, my christmas present TI3 finally hit table, 5 players.

Full ruleset:

  • Flagships
  • Politics II
  • Trade II
  • Imperial II (+ Age of Empires or whatever)
  • SE Objective Cards shuffled in
  • Preliminary Objectives
  • Factional Research
  • Mechanized Ground Troops (no one built a single one)
  • Wormhole Nexus

Obligatory progress photos.

TI3, Turn 1
TI3, Turn 1
TI3, Turn 2
TI3, Turn 2
TI3, Turn 3
TI3, Turn 3
TI3, Turn 5
TI3, Turn 5
TI3, Turn 6
TI3, Turn 6

Forgot to take photo turn 4.

The Jol-Nar player (purple) managed to politics himself into a sweet situation of no one attacking him, and being Jol-Nar, leveraged that into a unstoppable technical advantage. The fact that everyone else got stuck fighting each other meant that he squeaked to a win Turn 6.

There’s an asterisk or two on the game as we didn’t play the rules right 100%, in particular we allowed ships to be built in a dock on the same turn that docks are built, but we did pretty close all considered.

Total play time, including rule-teaching: 8 hours 12 minutes.