Dead Panic review

Got to play Dead Panic over labor day. It’s definitely more complex than Castle Panic, adding character powers, usable items, and a complicated winning condition involving collecting radio pieces, calling a van, then driving the van to pick up other player characters.

Dead Panic, very early in game
Dead Panic, very early in game

The big change is the winning condition. The zombies come endlessly, and killing them just pushes them back to the edge of the woods. The game is all about getting to the survivors, then collecting the radio pieces.

We played with 5 people which I think makes the game easier than not. We were completely out of items and using our last clubs by the time the van arrived though.

Dead Panic, a rather unfortunate survivor
Dead Panic, a rather unfortunate survivor

Fun game, I’m just surprised it didn’t come with more scenarios. Feels like it would be better if there were other alternate winning conditions, a la Robinson Crusoe.

Robinson Crusoe review

Did a playthrough of Portal’s fantastic Robinson Crusoe coöperative, on the Cursed Island scenario. Almost got the rules perfectly right this time, heh.

The exorcists of Cursed Island

We tend to play with Dog for the “slightly easier” mode. Our main screw up (that probably allowed the win) was that we built the sacred bell while the fog was on the only hill hex which is not allowed: once a hex becomes unexplored, all tools that rely on it become unavailable. We also got incredibly lucky in a few places, top decking a hatchet and the adventure bell exactly as needed at one point.

It’s a very good game that clocks in at around 2 hours. Very nice art, very thematic, and genuinely fun as long as you’re willing to put in the time to learn the rules up front.

And we didn't even have to use the hourglass

Didn’t even have to break the hourglass.

Dead of Winter

Us and Brancy did a play through and got all coöp goals. Me and Brant met ours while Angelica and Nancy just casually let us win, heh


Dead of Winter


Dead of Winter, also some sweets

Also pictured, leftover snacks from picnic

Dead of Winter

found a copy of Plaid Hat’s Dead of Winter without scalpel prices, so we ran a test run in coöp mode

dead of winter
dead of winter

i get the hype now. the alternate winning conditions means all players actually play as individuals vs everyone coming to a decision together and just playing it out in pseudo-single player

btw the above is in-game not “at setup”. we played the hard mode so there’s shitloads of zombies from the start, and at that point we had no other survivors found, so the base is empty

Arkham Horror: The King In Yellow

FFG’s Arkham Horror: The King in Yellow expansion with us and steve

Arkham Horror: The King in Yellow
Arkham Horror: The King in Yellow

despite my best efforts to make the play happen, we eked out a win. we were one plot advancement from instant loss. won by final combat, which proved easier than expected

Robinson Cruzoe playthrough

really good coöp game. we got barely won on first try, mostly cause of really lucky initial item placement and good luck with disasters.

well, that and the fact we played on easy mode with both Friday and Dog.

Scenario 1
Robinson Cruzoe – Scenario 1