vice ran a story about Rózalski’s paintings http…


vice ran a story about Rózalski’s paintings: . probably the highlight is the comment section where anything eastern european has to be exposed as a cheap knock-off of western art.

fyi: he’s got a board game coming out in this setting next year:

having spent some time with PyCharm I’m now…

having spent some time with PyCharm I’m now legitimately frustrated that not every other IDE has as nice git integration and the ability to follow to do internal method text-completion across like 3 files of imports.

seriously, comparing diffs for different branches in PyCharm is a magical few clicks. i can’t imagine working without at least a strong workalike.


i’ll give Pan Lodowego Ogrodu one more try before giving up on it.

not sure what drives sci-fi authors to spend so much time inventing their own persecution and then fantasizing about how they’d punish those that wronged them if they only had power, but i don’t feel like reading it.

also gave up on Quantum Thief but that was just cause it was bad, not cause the author comes across like an angry gamer. if you’re wondering, i managed to get as far as the “in the future religion will be based on LARP re-enactment and everyone in church will talk like world of warcraft guild chat as part of their sacraments” thing.


for now reading Leviathan Rising which is pretty good


there’s a guy at my work who designed a building. famous scientist, gets what he wants.

he hated room numbers and wanted them gone. they said not allowed and he has to have room numbers


so i guess that’s what they call “letter of the law”


my phone autocomplete suggestions at this moment for each of the letters of the alphabet

a: and, AD&D
b: B&B, but
c: can, can’t
d: d&d, don’t
e: even, every
f: for, first
g: good, great
h: he, how
i: I, I’m
j: just, John
k: keep, just (is my typing that bad?)
l: lol, like
?: (blank)
m: my, me
n: no, not
o: oh, one
p: please, people
q: quite, quick
r: really, right
t: the, this
u: I, I’m (apparently i’m very self-centered)
v: B&B, but
w: we, why
x: d&d, can
y: you, yeah
z: zarape, zero

i’m not sure if i’ve ever typed B&B on my phone in my entire life.