little kid stories

In 2004-2005 I helped organize an art project in the shape of a book of children’s stories. The book was then read by people who were asked to read them unprepared, as if a bedtime story in a book they’ve never read before. Those readings were then set to music written custom for each one. The final result, called “little kid stories” was released as a pdf+mp3s set, and as a webpage that unfortunately did not survive into the modern era of browsers.

It’s now a bit past the 10 year anniversary of this project, and for the occasion I went ahead and converted the book and audio into videos using the original pdfs of the text and illustrations. They’re now available for easy watching on youtube.

the crow
the crow


I want to say thank you to Tanya Bjork who did an absolutely incredible job creating illustrations from the text. Her digital etchings fit the mood of the stories perfectly, both in what they portray, but also in their stark raw contrast of black and white. I also want to thank all the readers who had the very difficult task of being recorded as they read a foreign text for the first time in their life, everyone who helped shape the stories by editing, and everyone who contributed seeds of the stories to me through conversations or other communication fragments.

It’s not a perfect piece, and it’s at times difficult for me to listen either cause of imperfections of production, or simply because I’m not the same person I was 10 years ago, but it’s still a very beautiful one, and one deserves to not disappear completely.

I also realize the inherent rudeness of asking people to experience a long form piece of video in the age of 5-second entertainment, so thank you to everyone who can take the time to experience the piece.

The videos are available here:

I hope that you can view it in a positive light.

shaolin signal

halloween at ken club. angelica did corpse paint for us

shaolin signal
shaolin signal

awkwardly, an actual black metal band played first so it kinda came across odd when we went up there playing Motley Crue while rocking the paint


selling my VCM-100 djing soundcard. with the included software it’s literally everything you need to do a laptop dj set, pro style. $140

in other words, you get a left and right song, can switch between them using the hardware (like a dj mixer), it does speed synching, auto-synching, and has a separate headphone output for the cues. and it’s neat and metal. and i think has one sticker on the bottom or something.

i’m switching to all ipad. this will allow vinyl, cd, cdr, AND laptop djs to look down on me.