The Gallerist review

From the makers of Kanban: The Heaviest Euro comes a new extremely intimidating euro game, The Gallerist.

Gallerist, early game, only 5 artists discovered
Gallerist, early game, only 5 artists discovered

First, it’s a beautiful game. Everything feels and looks perfect, which makes sense for a game about art. The art pieces are genuinely interesting, though entirely cosmetic.

That out of the way, the rules are intimidating. Not in a sense of hardcore depth, which exactly is very nicely balanced, but in the sense of looking at a busy board and making sense of it at a glance. There’s also a bit of “surprise side effects” in the game that while documented well in multiple places are still sometimes forgettable.

Gameplay wise it’s a variation on worker placement that’s more “worker movement”. You have just one worker and they walk around the board activating various actions. One catch is that if you use a building with someone else currently in it they get a “kick out” action as a response to you. Keeps people from super zoning out.

Gallerist. Easiest than it looks, I swear
Gallerist. Easier than it looks, I swear

The game is also almost totally luckless. About the same level as Russian Railroads and less luck driven than even Village. It really rewards awareness of others and playing to the goals that no one else is competing in. A very satisfying part of a strong euro design.

It’s a genuinely fun game, with beautiful layout. If you’re willing to put in the time it takes to set it up each time, it’s a very streamlined and balanced worker game.