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    Tags: cons, old photo   

    Old Photo 

    Old photo: Angelica at Wonder Con 2013



    Dropbox keeps syncing old photos at a rate of a few a day for some reason, this one just got added.

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    Starting a Programming Project 

    This is what programming looks like to me, step 1


    Programming Sketches

    If I start coding before I sit down and make one of these, I’ll never get anywhere. I need to have a mental visual relationship between everything, before I can start.

    Visual memory is very important in programming for me. I really value IDEs that have one of those sublime-style “code maps” on the side, and ones that let me skip to bookmarks and function definitions easily, preferably with a single click. Not having to think about where I am in the file lets me concentrate on more useful things.

    Code map example, it's the thing on the right

    Code map example, it’s the thing on the right

    Another weird thing is that sketching process is so far it only works for me with pen and paper. I’d love to have an iPad with enough input resolution to properly let me sketch but so far none of the tools are good enough at it.

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    Tabletop Commons trip: 51st State + Splendor 

    Did a playthrough of 51st State and TC again.

    It’s one my favorites, a very good balance between lightweight deckbuilding and combo-rewarding, and the New Era ‘expansion’ adds very needed wooden tokens and better quality tokens.

    51st State

    51st State

    Started game with 2 Heavy Gears and a Police Patrol, which gave me enough of a solid start that I just cruised ahead always up by a steady 5 points or so.

    Did Splendor after. I like that the second photo looks so much later despite being maybe 1 hour or so.



    Still a very clever minimalist game.

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    Sail To India 

    AEG’s Sail To India at work during lunch. I like the game, but within reason and hard to recommend cause it suffers from two very odd qualities:

    • it’s short, and
    • it’s non random

    This means that you have very little time to develop a strategy and start moving towards a win. If multiple people in a 3 player game start exploring at the same time, the game can be over in I think 6 turns, and possibly 10-15 minutes if there’s little hesitation.

    Sail To India

    Sail To India

    That makes for a surprisingly stressful game if you’re the sort of person who needs to get themselves into a frame of mind as you start playing and likes games that ramp up. While Sail To India definitely has a “power” ramp up as you play, the decisions you make in turns 1 and 2 can greatly outweigh anything else you do later.

    Again, assuming exploration race. A 4-player game with no one going for an exploration win can take much longer and end up with much higher scores at the end. Hard to tell which game style the designers favored.

    A clever game mechanic I first saw in this game is the re-use of your units as your score and money keepers: to be able to record a VP you have to convert one of your ships into a historian who can store up to 5 points. To go above that, you’d need a second ship converted and this one can take you to 10 points. Clever mechanic where theoretically the more you’re ahead, the weaker you get. I can see it definitely being put into a game that puts it more at the forefront of its design.

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    Tags: area control, , negotiation   

    Cosmic Encounter 

    Playing FFG’s Cosmic Encounter at work, one lunch hour at a time

    Alien Encounters, 4 player map

    Cosmic Encounters, 4 player map

    Interesting game. Like an abstract Game Of Thrones that just concentrates on the betrayal aspect and drops everything else. It’s fun but I definitely can see why GoT gains as much as it does from the theme part.

    It’s entirely possible Encounters gets better with expansions that add a bit more dimensions to the decision making

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    Tags: car   


    Sold Lincoln, bought a used Fiat


    I’m dubbing it KMFI@

    doing it again

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    Dead of Winter 

    Us and Brancy did a play through and got all coöp goals. Me and Brant met ours while Angelica and Nancy just casually let us win, heh


    Dead of Winter


    Dead of Winter, also some sweets

    Also pictured, leftover snacks from picnic

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    Tags: body mod, susension   

    Angelica Flies Again 

    Collier park in OB, resurrection suspension

    Resurrection pose

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    old photo by Angelica, circa 2011. just me and my fur chicken, from a game of Android with Lex, Corey, and Shawna

    Android, with Loki

    Android, with Loki

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    Dead of Winter 

    found a copy of Plaid Hat’s Dead of Winter without scalpel prices, so we ran a test run in coöp mode

    dead of winter

    dead of winter

    i get the hype now. the alternate winning conditions means all players actually play as individuals vs everyone coming to a decision together and just playing it out in pseudo-single player

    btw the above is in-game not “at setup”. we played the hard mode so there’s shitloads of zombies from the start, and at that point we had no other survivors found, so the base is empty

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