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    Imperial Settlers 

    Did Portal’s Imperial Settlers again, and managed to hit 60 points as Romans. The secret was a giant amount of Feature cards with points for building same color, and using the Roman 3-building-colors cards to trigger all of them. 

    Very rewarding game. Very clearly simpler rules than 51st State, but I do miss the incredibly complex combos of the original. 

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    Tags: bidding, drupal   

    Drupal Card Game 

    We got new bookshelves at home and while reärranging books found the Drupal card game. I got it as booth swag at a conference and thought it was a branded deck of cards when it was actually a full blind-bidding game 

    Drupal Card Game, near start

    Good if simple game, and also hands down the best booth freebie I ever got.  The idea is to try and complete the modules on the board by blind bidding cards on them, and use then use the completed ones to score cards you kept in your hand. 

    Runs in about 30 mins so good for lunch play, specially since we run like 6 Drupal sites at work atm. 

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    Lords of Waterdeep 

    We sniped a copy of Lords of Waterdeep during their weird 66% off sale and finally had time to run a playthrough. 


    Really pleasing how everything in this game has a place

    I was familiar with the digital version but not the physical copy. Love how well everything fits in the box. I always appreciate that


    You can see our custom coins in this shot too

    Visible in photo, our replacement metal coins. I really like using those for the feel-y mini immersion aspect. In the game, I got lieutenant in the opening quests so it was a pretty good run for me.

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    Tags: , genetic programming, hiv, , python   

    Requiem 32 is a series of virus genotypes, starting with a simple repeated ‘c’ which then in 31 iterations becomes the HIV genotype. Each of these iterations is then analyzed using a process based on biological DNA parsing which change the music created into a different piece, slowly more and more different from the original, until the original state is completely unrecognizable. I hope the piece gives helps create emotional understanding of the idea of a virus and how something that is so simple can have such an incredible impact, hopefully bridging the very real mental chasm between the biology of infection, and it’s effect on the infected.

    For best experience, please make your browser window as large as possible and use headphones. To interact with the piece click the circles at the top. The RNA sequence clicked on and matching sheet music will be loaded and the piano performance encoded by that RNA string will start. 1 represents a starting state, and encodes the 4 E chords with a repeated E note 4 times. Each of the other states adds a tiny bit more complexity to the virus, creating progressively more and more changes to the music piece.

    A visual guide for the RNA parsing is provided at left. The darker color is the header for a particular function, while the lighter color is the actual data processed by it. Each of the biological parsers, each represented by one color, begins at the top of the genotype, reads until it finds its starting trigger, and then starts reading while getting ready to apply a modification. Upon hitting the terminator (always “cc”), it applies the change to the music. It then keeps reading looking for a new starting condition.

    The piece involves intrinsic looping in the structure of the music, similarly to how the biological processes do not function in a vacuum, but rely on a host organism to provide context to the RNA intrusion.

    The installed piece can be found at, while the source code is available at

    Technical notes: the majority of the code is written in python, with the exception of the text parser which creates the 30 intermediate states which is written in perl. When ran using the ./go shell command, the python code will open all rna files, processes them, then output both a color coded html file and the midi file represented. The file ‘’ contains the actual structure of the music: repeated sequences that contain a chordal structure, and a melody played on top; while the file ‘’ contains the actual mechanism of parsing of the text into midi. The final mp3s and pngs of the sheet music were both created by hand and are currently not automated.

    Finally, I genuinely apologize for any possible layout issues with your particular hardware/software setup. This was designed under time constraints as a standing installation using Safari in full-screen mode, and unfortunately cross-platform compatibility was not a priority. I welcome any pull requests with improvements.

    I genuinely thank you for your time.

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    Valley of the Kings at work


    Early hand

    Very nice game, like a simpler, faster playing Dominion. Can be finished in a single lunch period which is nice. It’s very biased towards minimalist hands as it allows free milling (called entombing) though the expansion will apparently add more options for viable larger deck play 

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    Lot of washed up crabs all along the beaches today. Huge amounts further north, but a lot down here too.

    Pleuroncodes planipes

    Pleuroncodes planipes

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    Pixel Tactics 

    Another lightweight: Pixel Tactics 2, more my style


    Pixel Tactics, panda vs chicken close-up


    Playing at Tea N More with delicious boba tea in shot


    Very fun. Every card has pretty extreme powers and can be played 5 different ways depending on position on table. Not a lot of depth, but setting up giant combos is a lot of fun.

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    Tags: tile _placement   

    Lantern Festival 

    A run through of Lantern Festival with the bar copy at Tabletop Commons with us and Joon

    Lantern Festival at Tabletop Commons

    A nice simple game, a lot like Splendor but instead of ramping up in power, you ramp down as the available points pile shrinks down.

    Looks like you’re making a geometric quilt.

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    Lunch game of the day, Ghooost! from some little known Richard Garfield fellow

    Ghooost! hand. Still lost. By a lot.

    Great Ghooost! hand. Still lost. By a lot.

    Good lunch game for here cause it runs like 20m after everyone is caught up. Rules take surprisingly long to teach for how simple they are: there’s a lot of special cases.

    The above hand should in theory have guaranteed me, if not a win, then a “not-win” by the person playing after me, but his ghost house ended up playing a 13 on my 13, a 14 on my 14, and when I attempted to play my ghost house to stop him, I drew a Skeletor GG.

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    Tags: cons, old photo   

    Old Photo 

    Old photo: Angelica at Wonder Con 2013



    Dropbox keeps syncing old photos at a rate of a few a day for some reason, this one just got added.

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